about us

We Bengali’s are very keen to hobnob in our free times. Certainly, to loaf about different kind of topics we have to keep updated ourselves on those things, without which we won’t be able to supply our views. Beside this being a mute listener we also can gather knowledge just participating on a gossip with others. So such culture of gossip is not harmful always, but very useful sometimes. Though due to globalization the lack of times is almost abolishing such culture.
HomeRoam is kind of a try to revive this culture. And on this way of resurrection our first motive is to be suited with the Time. Only through the outer evolution we can survive in the era of globalization. And on this trial to make global our habbit of hobnobbing, HomeRoam has been introduced.
It is a calling to all to join HomeRoam. Lets start to roam about on our perception of facts and remain connected through our own culture.